Very proud to announce that Green Lane Primary Academy have been awarded the GOLD SCHOOL GAMES MARK for excellence in sport. Please click on ‘Sports News’ to find out more!
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Mission Statement


At Green Lane Primary Academy we work very hard to create an atmosphere where children can feel welcome and secure.

We are "A Big School with a Big Heart"

 We value the individuality of all of our children and we are committed to giving them every opportunity to achieve the highest possible academic standards.  Everyone is challenged and encouraged to thrive and achieve as individuals, preparing them for their role as caring and active citizens in modern Britain. Our children work hard and play hard!


We are passionate about bringing learning to life for all children and engaging them academically, emotionally, physically and socially in contexts which are creative and have a real meaning and purpose. Our expectation is that pupils will make significant academic progress but also develop a passion for learning, discovering their own individual strengths and talents through the opportunities that we provide. To achieve this vision our aims are:


In the heel of my thumb

Are whorls, whirls, and wheels

In a unique design:

Mine alone.

What a treasure to own!

My own flesh, my own feelings.

No other, however grand or base,

Can ever contain the same.

My signature,

Thumbing the pages of my time.

My universe key,

My singularity.

Impress, implant,

I am myself,

Of all my atom parts I am the sum.

And out of my blood and my brain

I make my own interior weather,

My own sun and rain.

Imprint my mark upon the world,

Whatever I shall become.

(Eve Merriam)