Very proud to announce that Green Lane Primary Academy have been awarded the GOLD SCHOOL GAMES MARK for excellence in sport. Please click on ‘Sports News’ to find out more!

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Sports News

We are proud to announce that we have now been awarded the gold standard from the School Games Mark, for the academy’s achievements in, and dedication to, sport and healthy living.

To achieve the award, we fulfilled a number of prerequisites for our PE provision:


  • A system in place to track young people’s participation in the School Games;
  • Opportunities that attract less active young people to participate in physical activity;
  • Completed the Inclusive Health Check tool as accessed on your school’s dashboard on by the end of the summer term 2017;
  • A positive approach to delivering physical activity.


  • Held or accessed a School Games Day as a culmination of a year round competition programme;
  • Registered a School Games Day date on your dashboard on;
  • A calendar of competition that demonstrates opportunities for young people with SEND to take part in competitions;
  • A notice board and/or in-house school digital system that promotes School Games activity and uses social media for the same purpose.

To achieve the gold standard from the school games mark, we achieved numerous criteria:


  • Provide all students with two hours of timetabled Physical Education per week (within the curriculum only) and have extra curriculum provision in addition to this – applicable to Years 3-11 only;
  • Engage at least 50% of pupils (20% for special schools/PRUs) in extracurricular sporting activity every week –
    applicable to Years 3-11 only;
  • Of the 50% of pupils engaged (20% for Special Schools/PRUs) in the setting’s extra curriculum provision over the academic year. 15% of these pupils should be from the non-active population.

Providing support for talented young sports people

  • Secondary criteria: offer talented young sports people specific support to help them to balance their sporting
    commitments with school and home life;
  • Primary and special criteria (PRUs N/A): offer talented young sports people specific support to help them to
    develop their sporting potential.


  • Use the School Games formats to provide the opportunity for both boys and girls to take part in the appropriate level of competition (boys only or girls only for single sex schools).

Click here to view Green Lane Primary Academy’s page on the School Games website. School Games has important information regarding competitions and events in the area, as well as reports and blogs regarding the Academy’s achievements and successes.