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Sports Premium

Extra-Curricular Clubs 

15/16 Spending 

School Sport Premium Report 2015/2016

The government provides funding to maintained primary schools and academies that is specifically targeted at improving the provision of physical education (PE) and sport. Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector (HMCI) commissioned a survey to identify and share good practice in 22 schools previously identified as performing well in PE. This survey complements a study in this area by the Department for Education (DfE) that surveyed head teachers between April and July 2014.

In the majority of the schools visited, head teachers are using the additional funding to make improvements to PE and sport, including competitions, for pupils.

In all 22 schools visited by inspectors, head teachers and governors viewed the new funding as an opportunity to build on their current good practice. They were determined that the premium should leave a legacy of improved sporting performance, increased participation and better promotion of health and well-being.

This is the approach we take at Green Lane Primary Academy.

After completing an audit of PE and Sports provision in school and discussions within staff meetings, it was felt that were already offering a wide range of extra-curricular activities which were very popular. In addition were are also providing high quality PE delivered by our own PE specialist and external coaches which include ex-Olympians and Paralympians. These coaches provide high quality sessions and act as role models for our pupils.

From September 2015 up to March 2016 we have received £6 227 with a further

£4 448 being paid between April 2016 and August 2016. Below is a breakdown of how we have spent this money:

Spending 2015/16

  • Minibus contribution 2015/16 £4000

Having the minibus has provided further opportunities for competitions and educational visits.

  • S.T.A Sports Partnership £800

Being part of the Sports Partnership enables the children to compete at a high level against 42 of the Middlesbrough primary schools. This also ensures we are eligible to enter Level 3 school competitions (Sainsbury’s School Games)

  • Acklam Sports Partnership £800

Being a part of the Acklam Sports Partnership provides further opportunities for the children of Green Lane, this time encouraging children who would not usually be part of elite teams. The Acklam cluster aims to work on participation and will provide competitions for KS1 children.

  • New Sports Equipment £2,800

New P.E equipment is vital for the delivery of quality P.E across the whole school.

  • External specialist coaching £3000

External coaches are brought into school to offer new, different sports to the children of Green Lane. Two of these coaches, Karen Williams and Glenn Smith have delivered year ong programs of Yoga and Gymnastics, both in curriculum time and after-school clubs.


This year has been filled with new and exciting opportunities for the children of Green Lane, both during curriculum PE and throughout their extra-curricular time. As a result, PE in school is now a highly popular and enjoyable experience. This growing popularity within PE, has had a positive effect on participation figures for our Extended School Activities. In 2016/2017 we aim to further develop this rise in participation to achieve a 50% engagement level within Y3- Y6, meeting the Sainsbury School Sports criteria for ‘Gold Standard’.

Sports Partnerships

We continue to be involved with the Middlesbrough Schools Teaching Alliance, which runs all of the primary school competitive sports events. This cluster has gone from strength-to- strength in terms of numbers of schools involved, and therefore children getting a taste of highly competitive school sport.

Alongside our involvement in MSTA, we have continued to be a member of the Acklam Grange cluster which gives our B & C teams the opportunity to compete against children from other schools of a similar standard. This further enhances our aim to engage lower ability pupils in competitive sport and meet the Sainsbury School Sport criteria for ‘Gold Standard’.

Club Links

We continued our successful relationship with Middleborough’s Chance to shine program run through the local Cricket Club. This year 120 pupils enjoyed a very fun and active afternoon at the Cricket Club, where they enjoyed the opportunity to play cricket and experience lots of specialist Cricket equipment. This partnership has led to 15 school pupils going onto pursue Cricket in their own time.

Our school continues to work with parents and local clubs to support the development and progression of gifted young athletes, whilst ensuring their academic studies to not suffer.

Charity Events

Mrs  Povey organised another highly successful charity walk to Whitby for staff and parents. This raised a total of £1200 over two years, which was used to purchase three new Table Tennis Tables. The event also helped further develop the schools strong ties with parents and the wider community.


The school minibus again continues to provide opportunities for a large number of the children at school.

The bus has not only created opportunities for the children but it has also helped in creating links with local sports clubs and schools. We continue to have close links with Sunnyside Academy, Lingfield Primary and St Edwards RC Primary.

The use of the minibus has increased and trips out of school, whether for sporting events or class/year trips are now a weekly occurrence. Reception have used the bus on a number of occasions to help with local charities.

The minibus has also enabled Mr Wilson to start a Walking/Rambling club which runs every Friday from 1.15pm – 4.45pm. This is a very popular club and one which differs from the traditional sports/games clubs.

Curriculum PE

PE lessons continue to be taught at a high standard with all children receiving 2.5 hours a week. KS2 children receive age appropriate theory PE lessons, which focus on sports science.

We currently have a number of specialist coaches in school delivering high quality PE and providing onsite CPD for staff. Year One and Year 2 are part way through a gymnastics scheme of work which is being delivered by an ex-professional gymnast. Nursery, Reception and Year 1 have also benefited from a 6 week program of gymnastics. Yogabugs continues to be successful in Reception.

Having these specialists ensures the children are getting the very best coaching in their chosen sports which results in the children being highly motivated for these sessions.


The extra-curricular clubs at Green Lane are continuing to go from strength-to-strength and this term has seen the introduction of some new and exciting provision for the children including a KS2 Guitar Club, KS1 Yoga Club, KS2 Handball Club, KS2 Athletics Club and a Walking/Rambling Club.

Next year we aim to further target SEND pupils and others who are falling below the National weekly target for physical activity. This will be achieved through offering low intensity outdoor activities to a specific group of pupils selected by the SENCO. The clubs at Green Lane are a huge plus for the children offering opportunities outside of school and a number of parents have commented on the range of clubs on offer.

Residential Visits

Year 5 have enjoyed a memorable visit to Carlton Outdoor Education Centre for the first time in a number of years. It is hoped that by taking these children away for a short trip it will help to prepare the children for the future residential visits to Winmarleigh and London in Year 6.


The children involved had a fantastic three days away and gained a great deal from being away from home.

Mr Wilson took pupils to the Lake District as part of a culminating event for the walking club. Pupils took part in a National Navigational Award scheme, in which all of the participating pupils passed with a Gold Certificate.

A group of Y5 gifted and talented pupils enjoyed a trip to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park where they competed in a triathlon which was a huge success and enjoyed by all.

Academy Sports Leaders

We continue to run sports leadership initiatives within PE and Extended School Clubs, with strong participation levels. In 2016/2017 we aim to build upon this success through the ‘Sports Crew’ program which develops leadership, organizational and interpersonal skills within sport and the whole school.

We are very proud of the hard work and dedication shown by every pupil who has represented the school, whether that be at training, a school visit or as part of the school team. They are a credit to the school and we are lucky we get to share these opportunities with such a fantastic group of children.


The following document outlines our Sports Premium spending plan for 2017/2017.

Finance Report Plan – 2016/2017

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