Very proud to announce that Green Lane Primary Academy have been awarded the GOLD SCHOOL GAMES MARK for excellence in sport. Please click on ‘Sports News’ to find out more!

A Big School with a Big Heart

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Teaching Staff and Main Responsibilities

Teacher Responsibilities
Mrs. J. Walsh Headteacher (Leadership Team)
Mrs J. Thackstone Deputy Head Teacher (Leadership Team)
Mr J. Hall Assistant Head Teacher (Leadership Team) – English Lead – Year 2 Teacher
Mrs C. French Assistant Head Teacher (Leadership Team) – Standards and Progress Lead – Year 6 Team
Mrs J. Brownsell Year 6 Teacher – TLR Inclusion
Mr D. Carr Year 6 Teacher – TLR Computing and New Technologies
Mr S. McCue Year 6 Teacher – TLR Digital Communication
Mr R. Mills Year 5 Team Leader – TLR Science
Miss K. Sturrock Year 5 Teacher
Mr I. Davison Year 5 Teacher
Mrs J. Healy Year 5 Teacher
Mrs N. McCue Year 4 Team Leader – TLR Maths
Mrs H. Skelton Year 4 Teacher
Mrs H. Sutton Year 4 Teacher
Miss M. Smith Year 4 Teacher
Mr S. Albeson Year 3 Team Leader
Mrs E. Smithurst Year 3 Teacher – TLR Spelling and Grammar
Miss S. Markan Year 3 Teacher
Mr A. Carter Year 3 Teacher
Mrs N. Stone Year 2 Team Leader – TLR Curriculum Development
Mrs V. Collinson Year 2 Teacher – TLR Creative Curriculum
Mrs S. Heatley Year 2 Teacher
Mrs V. Pearson Year 2/Reception Teacher
Mrs N. Birch Year 1 Team Leader – TLR Standards and Progress (EYFS and KS1)
Miss L. Orley Year 1 Teacher
Miss H. Coates Year 1 Teacher
Miss K. Foster Reception Team Leader
Mrs M. Hoskins Reception Teacher
Mrs M. Turner Reception Teacher
Mrs K. Jukes Nursery Teacher – TLR EYFS Data
Mrs L. Walker Nursery Teacher
Mrs H. Layen PPA Teacher
Mrs K. McCormack PPA Teacher
Mr M. Pottage Cover Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Name Responsibility
Mrs. V. Cole SEN Teaching Assistant (HLTA)
Mrs. J. Wilson Teaching Assistant (HLTA)
Mrs. K. Wenham Teaching Assistant (HLTA)
Mrs. J. Robinson Teaching Assistant (HLTA) – Y3/4 Interventions
Mr. R. Baldwin Co-ordinator – PE, Sport and Extended School
Mrs. C. Illingworth Teaching Assistant
Mrs. D. Drury Teaching Assistant
Mrs. L. Etherington Teaching Assistant
Mrs. V. Gott Teaching Assistant
Mrs. B. Grey Teaching Assistant
Mrs. S. Hall Teaching Assistant
Mrs. J. Lackenby Teaching Assistant
Mrs. K. Majeed Teaching Assistant – Bi-lingual Specialism
Mrs. S. Khan Teaching Assistant – Bi-lingual Specialism
Mrs. J. Theaker Teaching Assistant
Mrs. R. Tucker Teaching Assistant
Mrs. H. Wilson Teaching Assistant
Mrs. C. Brown Teaching Assistant
Miss. C. Nimmo Teaching Assistant
Mrs. M. Mercer Teaching Assistant
Mrs. B. Garrens Teaching Assistant
Mrs. S. Staines Teaching Assistant
Mr. J. Shields Teaching Assistant
Mrs. K. Ormston Teaching Assistant
Mrs. E. Coca Galan Teaching Assistant
Mrs R. Riggall Teaching Assistant (HLTA) – PPA
Mrs P. Bell Individual Pupil Support
Mrs. S. Owens Individual Pupil Support

Pupil Support and Extended Schools

Name Responsibility
Mrs L. Tate Learning Mentor/Designated Person – Child Protection
Mrs. M. Povey Parent Support Adviser


Name Responsibility
Mrs. L. Airey Senior School Administrator (Leadership Team)
Mrs. H. Bone School Business Manager
Mrs. J. Charlton Finance Administrator
Mrs. L. Azam General Office/Reprographics/First Aid
Mrs. D. Rowe Reprographics

Building Support

Name Responsibility
Mr. T. Dearden Buildings Manager
Mr. J. Hussain Caretaker
Mr. A. Drury Assistant Caretaker